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Chasing Aurora developer announces "aerial exploration game" Secrets of Rætikon

And yet it flies.

Chasing Aurora and And Yet it Moves developer Broken Rules has announced its next title, an "aerial exploration game" called Secrets of Rætikon, due later this year.

Secrets of Rætikon.

Set in the Alps, Secrets of Rætikon will see your flying avatar explore the ruins of an ancient civilization. It sounds a bit Metroid-esque with a mix of combat and puzzle solving, though Broken Rules stated in its announcement: "Do you engage in combat or solve the mysteries of the world peacefully? It's up to you," suggesting that combat can be avoided.

The hard to type game will feature an in-depth ecosystem where animals will interact with one another and you can feed, lure, tease, or set the fauna loose on each other. Environments will range from snowy mountain tops to peaceful hills, forests, and the sky in the midst of a lightning storm.

No platforms have been announced, but given that both Chasing Aurora and And Yet it Moves were both on Nintendo consoles, it seems likely this will come to Wii U.

Check out the mysterious teaser trailer below.

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