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Capcom registers new Darkstalkers trademark

With Street Fighter x Tekken finished, what's Ono up to now?

Capcom has registered a new Darkstalkers trademark - sparking speculation that a new game in the vampire fighting game series is in the works.

The trademark was registered on 14th February with the European Union trademarks office and is under examination.

The last time Capcom registered a Darkstalkers trademark there was in 2004, for PlayStation Portable game Darkstalkers Chronicle. Images of this game are below.

Capcom's fighting game producer Yoshinori Ono is often asked about the possibility of making a new Darkstalkers game.

In March 2011 Ono told Eurogamer Capcom had received over 100,000 requests from fans for a new Darkstalkers game - up from the 5000 it had in August 2010.

"One day, if it goes half a million, Capcom may raise its eyebrow a little bit and I could do what I did in London in 2007 when I announced the comeback of Street Fighter," Ono said at the time.

"In the near future, with your help, it may become true. It's on its way, because we're pretty much where we were with Street Fighter a few years back. So keep it up."

With Ono now free from the shackles of creating Street Fighter x Tekken, out next month, is Darkstalkers his next target?

Darkstalkers has seen some activity in recent months. The PlayStation version of the arcade original Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors launched in November last year on PlayStation Network - as a way to rekindle memories of the 1994 cult classic in gamers' minds ahead of a proper sequel?

And three Darkstalkers characters appeared in last year's Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Felicia, Morrigan and Hsien-Ko.

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