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Capcom dates Monster Hunter Rise's first collab event, Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo

New Rise update also due next week.

As part of its E3 2021 livestream, Capcom has offered up a sprinkling of new Monster Hunter news, including confirmation that Monster Hunter Rise's first collaboration event will arrive this Friday, and that there's a Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin demo coming next week.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, the latest entry in Capcom's RPG spin-off series, comes to Switch and PC on 9th July, but interested parties will be able to download a trial version of the game next Friday, 25th June. Capcom notes all progress made in the demo will be transferable to the main game on release.

Additionally, Capcom confirmed it'll be supporting Monster Hunter Stories 2 after launch with free title updates, the first of which will see Monster Hunter Rise's Palamute join the game as a rideable Monstie on 9th July. And if you still haven't had your fill of Monster Hunter Stories 2 trailers, here's another one now.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin - Trailer 5

Meanwhile, a little bit of Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be heading to Monster Hunter Rise this Friday, 18th June, in the form of Capcom's first collaboration event for Rise - which will let players unlock new layered armoured that'll change their Palico into the mysterious Felyne Tsukino from Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Then, a new title update arrives for Monster Hunter Rise next Thursday, 24th June. It'll bring five new event quests - Almudron: Fashion Victim, Fooled in the Flooded Forest, Rampage: Muddi Gras, Heart of a Hero, and An Icy Blade So Bright - alongside various quest rewards.

Cover image for YouTube videoMonster Hunter Rise - June/July Update
Monster Hunter Rise - June/July Update.

These include the Black Leather Legs armour, the Play Possum gesture, the Shadow Shades armour, and the Festival Set stickers. A range of paid DLC will also be available, as detailed in the latest trailer above. Expect further free updates, promising new event quests, collaborations, and DLC in July and August.