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Capcom brands a Monster Hunter roller coaster

Ride the Gore Magala.

Capcom has partnered with amusement park company Six Flags to make one of its roller coasters Monster Hunter-themed.

Pre-release photo courtesy of IGN.

At California's Six Flags Magic Mountain, the roller coaster Goliath will bear a Monster Hunter theme from 28th March through 10th August.

So what does this entail, exactly? Probably not a lot. According to Capcom, Goliath will be "custom-skinned to resemble the game's flagship Gore Magala monster." Furthermore, there will be Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo kiosks at the nearby Cyber Cafe.

Capcom will also have a "national Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate traveling Caravan Tour" at the park on 28th and 29th March to kick off the rebranding's launch. This includes Capcom staff in a "custom setting that recreates the look and feel of the traveling Caravan from the game."

This may seem like a tenuous rebranding, ala the disappointing Dark Souls Cafe, but at least the Golia- ahem, the Gore Magala, features a 255 foot drop at 85 mph. I've been on it a fair few times before and it's always a good time. Pro-tip: resist the temptation to hold onto the railing. Keeping my hands up during the (early) climax remains one of my most exciting memories of being on a roller coaster.

This roller coaster rebranding marks Capcom's latest effort to import the Japanese Monster Hunter craze to the west. The series' latest entry, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, just barely cracked the top 10 in US retail during February, despite the fact that we considered it an essential release.

The Gore Magala. It's no Space Mountain, but then again, what is?Watch on YouTube

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