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Campaign level select in Halo Infinite is "challenging" but 343 Industries is "working" on it

"It's not that it doesn't work, it's just that it's not finished."

The opportunity to replay campaign modes in Halo Infinite is "coming later", according to 343 Industries associate creative director, Paul Crocker.

Acknowledging players may be frustrated that there's currently no way they can go back to enjoy and replay story missions, Crocker explained that pivoting to "nonlinear" gameplay makes replaying the campaign "incredibly challenging", but level select is "being worked on".

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"You cannot replay missions in campaign at this point of time," Crocker told Stevivor. "It's part of what is coming later. The main reason is because, being a more open game and a nonlinear game, it became incredibly challenging. It's not that it doesn't work, it's just that it's not finished.

"We made the decision to make a better game, to improve the quality of the game so we could then add the features - just like co-op. And that is disappointing for us as the people who made it, but it was, also, the better option for us to make a better game and add that later."

"[Level select] is all part of this stuff that's being worked on the moment," he added, "and obviously we haven't announced a date. The reason I'm being a bit cagey is I honestly don't know exactly, but people are working on that even now. It's coming... is the only answer we can give."

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