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Call of Juarez routed to 360

Not 'ringing in' many changes.

Techland's West is Wild. So Wild, in fact, that it bucks more conventions than a forgetful bronco during conference season. Inevitably, very few people gave it the time of day when it formed the basis of an impressive new stealth-and-shooters game last autumn.

"Juarez", over here at Eurogamer, it got 8/10. So it's with great satisfaction and not-so-great puns that we're happy to relay news that the Call of Juarez will soon be met with analogue sticks - as the game is due out on Xbox 360 this summer.

Promising improved graphics and enhanced AI (Ubisoft's marketing department on a tea-break, perhaps?), Call of Juarez sees you take on the twin roles of Billy and Ray. Billy is accused of murder, and is trying to exonerate himself via the medium of stealth. Ray is trying to track him down, allowing you to chase - rather brilliantly and violently - through the very levels you've been forced to painstakingly explore as Billy.

Believe it or not, it works - as you will know if you've read Kieron's review of the PC version. For a quick glance at how it's shaping up on Xbox 360, check out first screenshots. We'll be back with more on Juarez when Techland finishes the Call. Etc.