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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 contains some naughty stuff

Including violence using firearms.

As we reach closer to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's October release date, national content rating boards have been reviewing the game for classification.

The Australian Classification Board has jumped the gun and published its classification early, and it makes for a humorous read.

The ACB warns that the game depicts "tracking and killing of numerous opponents, with resulting examples of blood and injury detail."

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"Violence features throughout the majority of gameplay, using firearms that include automatic weapons, as well as blades and other objects," all pretty standard shooter stuff so far.

But it looks like Infinity Ward has upped its game with "brief visual and textual sexual references and mild examples of sexualised imagery in a sequence set in a red-light district," although before you get too excited, "The game does not feature depictions of sexual activity."

Explicit language is also featured, with "f**k, shit and asshole" being used. I am quoting verbatim here. It's apparent that the f-word is too foul to be written plainly but anything on your bottom gets the okay.

We also get minor spoilers about the game's campaign, with the ACB warning about drug use. This includes "verbal references to drugs and cartels and brief sequences in which packages of white powder are seen. A character is seen to implicitly snort white powder in a short cutscene."

This confirms the rumours that the campaign is set in South America, with operatives fighting drugs cartels in the ongoing War on Drugs.

Meanwhile, Activision has been actively trying to contain gameplay leaks that have appeared online this week.