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Bunker campers are infuriating Call of Duty: Warzone players

Red card.

It's an exciting time for Call of Duty: Warzone. Infinity Ward's battle royale recently opened its mysterious bunkers and kicked off an ongoing tease for the announcement of the next Call of Duty game, dubbed Black Ops Cold War.

The bunkers are super cool and house loads of loot, including a unique blueprint, so players are putting in work to unlock them. But some of the bunkers are tricky to open. Bunker 11, for example, is closed off unless you perform a specific number of steps that involve blue phone locations, translating numbers from the Russian, visiting red phones in the right order, then trotting over to Bunker 11 north of the Arklov Peak Military Base for the spoils. (There's a lot more detail in our Call of Duty Warzone Bunkers guide.)

That sounds like quite the effort, doesn't it? Well, clearly it's too much effort for some, as Warzone now has a bunker camper problem.

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Players who are working to unlock the bunkers are reporting getting killed by campers who are waiting for them to do the dirty work. Warzone does not have instanced bunkers. That is, if a bunker is unlocked, any and all players on the map can go in. So some teams are camping bunker hotspots - as well as other locations that must be visited to unlock the bunkers - for easy kills and the bunker loot.

Thanks for the free bunker access. from r/CODWarzone
So you found a bunker I see from r/CODWarzone

This is not going down well. Social media and the Warzone-related subreddits are littered with complaints from players who've been shot down by nasty bunker campers. "To the people who camp Bunker 11," wrote redditor REAVRx. "Fuck you. You do not deserve the weapon blueprint. There are people hard at work trying game after game hour after hour to get the prize they deserve. Shame on you."

"You people that sit at the bunker waiting for someone to open it," said redditor mikemgandy, "someone who went around and actually did the work. You buys [sic] need to be banned you ruin the experience for everyone."

"Doing the Warzone Easter egg is toxic," said redditor Austsin. "Now that everybody knows about the Bunker 11 Easter egg and how to do it, nobody can do it. There's so many bunker campers, phone campers, and other teams trying to do the same thing you are. It makes sense but it is frustrating."

The campers' actions have sparked a debate about the rights and wrongs of their actions. While many have called the bunker campers unethical and even griefers, others have said bunker camping is fair game. This is a battle royale, after all.

Opening the bunkers has become one of the most fun things to do in Warzone, so everyone's at it. Just make sure you clear the area before getting too close. You never know who might be waiting to take advantage of your hard work.