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Bungie inviting Destiny 2 fans to "witness what's next" in August showcase

Likely focusing on Lightfall expansion.

Bungie has said it'll be giving fans to "witness what's next" for Destiny 2 as part of a developer showcase scheduled to air on 23rd August.

While Bungie's official announcement didn't share specifics about the livestream, the developer has already been extremely forthcoming regarding the next few years for Destiny 2, so it's almost certain August will see the developer showcasing its previously announced, but still mysterious, Lightfall expansion.

Revealed back in June 2020, Lightfall - which is currently expected to launch sometime in 2023 - will be Destiny 2's penultimate expansion, coming between this year's The Witch Queen and the game's finale expansion The Final Shape. Bungie previously confirmed the latter will bring Destiny's Light and Darkness Saga to a close.

Away from Lightfall and Destiny 2's remaining expansions, it seems likely Bungie will also detail the game's 18th season, which is due to begin on the same day as the developer's showcase airs.

Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion arrived earlier this year.

It's going to be an interesting few years for Destiny then, and while most of what's to come remains shrouded in mystery, we should learn at least some of Bungie's end-game on 23rd August.

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