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Brutal Doom adds weapons from 2016 Doom

And lets you dual-wield them.

Popular Doom mod Brutal Doom, which makes id Software's 1993 classic and its sequel much more violent and aggressive, has received a new upgrade that adds weapons from this year's Doom reboot.

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Beyond simply adding the new weapons, this Brutal Doom update lets you dual-wield most firearms. You can even upgrade some of them, but so far that's limited to the Shotgun and Heavy Assault Rifle.

Another new addition to Brutal Doom taken from the 2016 game's multiplayer is the Demon Runes that temporarily turn players into a Baron of Hell or Revenant.

"I know Dual Wielding seems a bit overpowered on this video, but that's because I am using cheats to have maximum ammo. In a real playthrough, it would be fair more balanced," modder Sergeant_Mark_IV explained in his YouTube notes.

"First because the weapons becomes way less accurate and you might waste a lot of ammo. Second because while you are dual wielding, you are not able to use their alt fires, or throw grenades," he added. "Dual wielding doesn't turns the single versions obsolete, just gives you another way to use them, when you are fighting against monsters in close quarters where accuracy is not a requirement, and you have lots of ammo to spend."

While old Doom is paying homage to new Doom, new Doom recently did the same for its forbear by offering old-school weapon positioning that places your gun in the center of the screen.

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