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Watch the new Doom's classic screen-centred weapon pose in action

Plus, Photo Mode!

The new Doom did a great job of rekindling the feel of old Doom, but one thing that it lacked from its predecessors was that classic weapon pose. You know, the one that sees your weapon pop up from the bottom centre of your screen.

This week, developer id Software released an update that added the classic weapon pose of yesteryear to the new Doom, so you can blow demons away like it's 1993.

Eurogamer video supremo Ian "Gooblings Gamsers" Higton has knocked together a video, below, showing it off. As you can see, the newfangled angled pose is replaced with a screen-centred pose. Lovely!

That's not all. The update also adds a photo mode (it's all the rage right now). Doom's photo mode lets you do what you'd expect, as Ian shows off in his video. But it's worth noting you can't check out the Doom guy model - he disappears as soon as you activate photo mode. Bah!

Anyway, have a gander. Doom's cool again, so get stuck in.

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DOOM (2016)

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