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Brian Lara 2007 demo

Available now for PC, 360.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Codemasters has released a new demo for Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 just in time for the ICC World Cup this weekend.

Both PC and Xbox 360 owners will be able take part in a warm-up one-day match of three overs between England and Australia, taken from the ICC Champions Trophy 2006 in India.

Simply pop onto Live Marketplace to catch the console demo, or bowl your way over to Codemasters' website for the PC version.

The full game launches on 23rd March, and aims to, cough, knock us for six with its new online multiplayer mode (a first for a cricket game), as well as slick batting control, which will apparently give players greater freedom when striking the ball.

There's also all the official licenced teams and players from the Cricket world, as well as tournaments, test matches, and so on.

Review code is promised any day now, so check back soon for a full review of the first next generation Cricket offering.

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