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Braid maker shows The Witness

Blow reveals art, story snippets.

Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, has offered the first images of his new game The Witness.

Although only concept art, the pictures offer a sense of style and give us a glimpse at uninhabited island we'll be exploring and solving puzzles on.

"For The Witness, I wanted to develop a graphical style that values simplicity. It would be suited to mellower environments, with both indoor and outdoor settings," wrote Blow on The Witness website, before delving into detail about the lighting model.

Areas mentioned are Hedge Maze, Sculptors Studio, The Compound, Planetarium and The Main Dock. The Compound contains a house, some rocks, a pond, trees and a "force field" establishing a perimeter.

You'll start the game in a dark hallway facing a door with a strange glowing handle-panel. "Who are you? Why are you in a dark hallway? What is that glowing panel?" asks the picture's description.

Other snippets of text explain that you'll soon find yourself in the house and begin asking questions like what is the fence guarding the house from and who made the items in the sculptor's studio and where did they go?

Jonathan Blow will release The Witness sometime in late 2011 on multiple platforms.