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Bowling details Resurgence DLC maps

Confirms price as 1200 MS Points.

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Robert Bowling has revealed the five Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence DLC maps to be Vacant, Strike, Carnival, Trailer Park and Fuel.

Three of those are new, two are remakes. They'll be available on Xbox Live first from 3rd June for 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.20/€14.40). Dates for PC and PS3 haven't been mentioned.

Carnival is the first of the three new maps and the one Bowling told the Major Nelson podcast he was "especially excited for".

It's a desolate amusement park that has original art and assets and has been worked on since MW2's release last November. It might only be "fairly big" in size, explained Bowling, but it has a "huge" atmosphere.

Points of interest are a fun house, rollercoaster, "world of tomorrow", game stand, castle and bumper cars. Climb to the top of the rollercoaster and the fun house for great vantage points, apparently.

"It's just an awesome place to fight in," offered Bowling. "When you're taking fire from a giant clown mouth it's just awesome."

Trailer Park is the next of the new maps. "This is a good old American trailer park," said Bowling, describing the "super-tight corridors" between the mobile homes. "It's a maze," he summarised, and there will be numerous shortcuts through abandoned trailers to take.

Fuel is the last of the three new maps. This is a wide open map based around an oil refinery. "Another sniper haven," blurted Bowling. There are two sections to the map: the open oil pump and outpost area, and the enclosed warehouse with interconnecting offices. The latter is where the objectives will be.

The two converted Call of Duty 4 maps are Vacant and Strike. They'll each have new visuals, new atmosphere and "a lot more detail". They'll be tinkered with too to present slightly different gameplay options.

Robert Bowling is the Infinity Ward community spokesperson, of course, but is he any good at Modern Warfare 2?

"Me? I can't snipe. I try to snipe, I can't do it," he told Major Nelson. "I try to always keep mobile, I try to always keep silent. I'm typically rolling with Bling so I can have a SCAR, and on that SCAR I have a holographic sight-line suppressor, and then I have Cold Blooded and Ninja Pro.

"I'm trying to get behind enemy lines, flank around there and clear them out that way when they're actually moving out."

"You're going stealth style, going deep in behind," Major Nelson acknowledged.

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