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Borderlands details crop up

2K officially publishing it.

2K Games was very pleased with itself this morning for signing up Borderlands, which will be available next Christmas on PC, 360 and PS3.

It's the new game from Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox Software that had us all excited earlier in the week, when it was described as a cross between Diablo and Mad Max.

Predominantly it's a first-person shooter set in a science fiction desert wasteland, where you can ride around in customisable vehicles and shoot things.

But on top of that is a character development system akin to role-playing games, powered by a content generation system that both companies seem extremely proud of.

It will pump out endless amounts of missions, environments, enemies, weapons, and item drops - giving you nearly limitless potential to customise your character and vehicles. That must be the Diablo part.

Borderlands' other headline grabbing feature was the increasingly familiar four player online co-operative play, which will let you jump in and out of games with your friends any time you like.

And then there's the usual promise of sparkly graphics, life-like physics, and artificial brains to make zombies green with envy.

"Borderlands creates a universe of gameplay that goes far beyond anything anyone would expect," said Randy Pitchford, head honcho at Gearbox. "We're tapping into every bit of Gearbox Software's experience with the biggest science fiction video game franchises, then taking everything way past the next level."

Borderlands is still a long way off, but we'll keep you up to date with its progress.