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Boll plans Alone in the Dark 2

But won't direct it.

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Gaming movie 'legend' Uwe Boll is eyeing a summer shoot for Alone In The Dark 2.

Fortunately he won't be directing the USD 7.5 million film, as he'll be away filming the Far Cry movie in Canada. It's not yet known who will fill the director's chair, or who will star in the film. Probably because everyone is running as fast as they can in the opposite direction.

But despite Boll's dubious track record, the first AITD film shifted over one million DVDs, and game licenses continue to fall into his lap. You can catch his latest creation, Postal, in cinemas across North America from 28th September. If you dare.

Alone In The Dark 2 will be based around Atari's next-generation game, which recently attracted the penmanship of Sleepers writer Lorenzo Carcaterra.

We had peek at the game at last year's E3 show and were genuinely excited by it. Head over to our Alone In The Dark preview for more information.

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