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Blur on track for 28th May launch

"Single-player never ends," claims Bizarre.

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Bizarre Creations' all-new racing experience, Blur, has been confirmed for a 28th May UK release, three days after the game hits in the US.

That puts the action racer, delayed last September, on a collision course with Black Rock's Split/Second, which hits on 21st May.

The Project Gotham Racing creator revealed the fruits of six months' extra development to the world's gaming press last week in Liverpool, where the multiplayer beta - which goes public next Monday - was playable and Bizarre laid bare previously unseen content.

Most notably, the UK developer explained how the power-up system has been expanded to include secondary functions, allowing skilled players to block or evade attacks. Meanwhile the Mod system has been substantially beefed up, offering a wealth of individual tweaks to suit play style.

"The single-player really never ends," lead designer Gareth Wilson told Eurogamer, as he hailed the game's "deep layer of strategy" and expansive community functions.

Our detailed thoughts on the latest build plus exclusive footage of Blur in action will be available very shortly.

Blur hits PS3, 360 and PC on 28th May.

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