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Blur DLC a "massive" part of strategy

Bizarre racer to emulate Burnout?

British developer Bizarre Creations wants downloadable content for upcoming racer Blue to be "massive".

"I don't have any dates for DLC, but what I can say is it's always been a massive part of the strategy to support the game with DLC," lead designer Ged Talbot told MTV News.

"We do have plans for DLC, [but] no one has worked on it yet."

Bizarre has previously told us that single-player "really never ends" in Blur, because the community features and "deep layer of strategy" hope to keep you coming back for more. A multiplayer beta starts today to put those features to the test. We've got 1000 keys, actually - grab one.

Blur's coming out on 28th May on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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