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Bloodborne's latest update adds new opportunities to max out weapons

Get your (blood) rocks off.

One of Bloodborne's most common criticisms - the inability to max out multiple weapons per playthrough - has finally been addressed in its latest v1.09 patch.

The Old Hunters DLC adds over a dozen new weapons, and now you have a way to optimise them.

As any Bloodborne vet can tell you, the original game only allowed players to fully upgrade one weapon per playthrough as it required a singular item - the Blood Rock - to craft.

The Old Hunters DLC expansion alleviated this problem a little by adding a second Blood Rock to the campaign, allowing users to max out two weapons per playthrough.

There were very rare instances of folks finding a Blood Rock in one of the procedurally-generated Chalice Dungeons, but such instances were extraordinarily rare and allegedly limited to once per save file.

But now From Software has added the ability to purchase a Blood Rock from the Insight shop for 60 Insight. That's quite a lot (especially as your Insight is capped at 99), but folks who seldom use the rare resource to summon will find they have an abundance of it laying around.

Furthermore, the less rare resource, Blood Stone Chunks (used to upgrade weapons from levels seven through nine), has been reduced in price to 20 Insight. It used to cost 30.

Players need to have accessed a certain undisclosed portion of the main game before they can buy Blood Rocks from the Insight shop. It's not quite clear what the pre-requisite is for getting the option to appear, but I can confirm that I have the option on both of my New Game Plus characters - one of whom is at the very beginning of the campaign. The most common theory seems to be that it's defeating Mergo's Wet Nurse on a first playthrough that unlocks the option.

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