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Bloodborne's grisly Chalice Dungeon grotesquerie

Pictures and details of the game's replayable areas.

Few developers cooked up monsters as grotesque as those From Software did for the Souls series. Dark, twisted, ghastly - the enemies were the centrepiece of your adventure.

It's with relish, then, that we see the studio's powers in full revelling effect in upcoming PS4 game Bloodborne - courtesy of a clutch of new screenshots on the PlayStation Blog.

Giant flaming ancient guard dogs; waxen-faced, saggy-skinned protectors; hunched witchy ritual masters - they're all memorable and disturbing. And they're the enemies you'll come across in the game's Chalice Dungeons. I wonder if they have cockney accents too.

Chalice Dungeons are instanced places that are never the same, accessible by using holy chalices, and described as vast and multi-levelled. You can tackle them alone or with friends, and you can share your Chalice Dungeons with others online, and vice versa.

They sound like a kind of reusable content you can elongate your game experience with, but they'll be as punishing as the rest of the world, filled with monsters and traps to catch you out. Still, that's what you're playing and paying for, so it's not as though you'll mind.

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