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Bloodborne reveals Collector's Edition goodies

Or get the premium Nightmare Edition for €120.

From Software's highly anticipated Dark Souls 2 follow-up Bloodborne will come in a couple of fancy swag-laden special editions with the Collector's Edition and the premium Nightmare Edition.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, the former retails for €79.99 and includes the game along with an art book, digital soundtrack and special steelbook case.

The Nightmare Edition comes with all that too, along with a Bloodborne-themed "gothic notebook", quill & red ink set, "Top Hat" Messenger skin, bell trinket and a special tin designed to look like a row of books.

Pre-orders for the game at participating retailers will come with the Bloodborne SteelBook, featuring concept art, or one of two bonus skins for the Fedora Messenger and Bandages Messenger.

Bloodborne will be out exclusively on PS4 on 25th March in Europe.