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Bloodborne is getting an official card game

"Where players compete to kill monsters and take their blood."

Bloodborne is getting its own licensed card game.

The spin-off was announced on Twitter via card game designer Eric Lang, who created XCOM: The Board Game and A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, among many other licensed projects.

"For those who follow me and have gotten to know my silly codenames for games-in-progress, this is Project Dream," Lang said above a copy of the game's box art.

"Bloodborne is indeed licensed. It is a simple but highly deep and interactive card game," he added, noting that it will be published by Cool Mini or Not Games. He clarified that it won't contain miniatures, so one reckons it will be entirely card-based.

Lang said the Bloodborne card game will be "based on the Chalice dungeon runs, where players compete to kill monsters and take their blood."

The developer estimated that an average round of the Bloodborne card game will last a half-hour. "Bloodborne: risk management with a bit of groupthink, inventory management/upgrades and tactical play in an intense 30 minute card game," was his Twitter-friendly elevator pitch.

"My goal with Bloodborne was to channel the intensity and frustration of the video game into a contest between players," he said. "Lots of death."

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