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Bloodborne distant PS1 cousin Shadow Tower coming to PSN

Definitely in the US, wait and see in Europe.

Another action role-playing game by Japanese maestro From Software will be available next week: Shadow Tower, the 1998 PS1 game.

Its PSN re-release was mentioned in the latest episode of The PlayStation Blogcast (at around the 15-minute mark). That's a US show, mind you, and they're talking about the US PSN service; it's not automatically the case that we'll get Shadow Tower in Europe because licensing across the regions can cause problems, but let's hope so.

Shadow Tower is a bit like the King's Field games that came before it, and the Souls and Bloodborne games that came after it. That's the general vibe.

There are differences, though, like it not awarding experience for kills and it also having no music!

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While we're on the subject of From Software and King's Field: did you know that Black Isle had a Planescape PlayStation game in development once that was very heavily inspired by it? I wrote an article about it today.

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