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Bloodborne dev working on a patch to improve load times

Praise the sun!

From Software is working on a patch for Bloodborne it hopes will improve the game's load times.

Digital Foundry tests reveal Bloodborne's long load times.

Bloodborne's load times have come under scrutiny. Digital Foundry performance analysis shows revivals take between 40-45 seconds, what it describes as "a patience-testing number given the frequency of death in this game".

Digital Foundry continues:

"It's also a nuisance due to the game's hub-world structure, where each level loads from the Hunter's Dream area, which in itself takes 12 seconds to load."

Digital Foundry has found load times are reduced if you use an SSD instead of the PS4's stock 500GB HDD, but it's still a far from ideal situation.

Sony told Eurogamer a patch exploring these issues and more was in the works.

"The development team is currently exploring another patch for Bloodborne, seeking ways to improve load time duration, in addition to other performance optimisations and miscellaneous bug fixes," reads a statement.

"We will provide more information as soon as possible."

Also of note: Bloodborne's online servers are now open, so anyone with a copy of the game can now connect.

However, you won't be able to connect while your Network Settings still have the DNS redirect in place. Sony advised going into your settings to reset your DNS settings to automatic.

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