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Bloodborne can be purchased with your actual blood in Denmark

Due to a shortage of blood donors in the country.

In Denmark you could acquire Bloodborne simply by donating your blood.

It's all part of a charity blood drive hosted by PlayStation Denmark and GivBlod. This promotion is in response to Denmark having a dearth of male blood donors, so you'd not only be getting a rad-looking game, but you'd be giving to a good cause.

[Editor's Note: It appears donors must role a dice to determine which game they get. Thanks for the correction, Herringson.]

Despite the note about Denmark's lack of male donors, there doesn't appear to be any restrictions regarding gender, so women should be able to partake in this promotion too.

There are other PlayStation games available that donors can receive, though these aren't listed. Participants also get a chance at winning a Bloodborne-themed PS4.

This Bloodborne promotion will occur on 23rd March from noon to 5pm at IT University in Copenhagen.

Thanks for the translation, Dajana!

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