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Blizzard trademarks Cataclysm

Next WOW expansion? New game?

Blizzard has filed three trademark registrations for the name Cataclysm, covering computer game software, online gaming services, and various related merchandising. The eagle-eyed superannuation made the spot.

Blizzard is known to have two unannounced games in the works, including its next MMO. But the title might also belong to the next World of Warcraft expansion, which some believe will be revealed at the BlizzCon fan convention in August.

BlizzPlanet notes that the word Cataclysm is thematically close to the Maelstrom, which in Warcraft lore is a huge, permanent storm in the seas of Azeroth created by a disastrous event in history known as the Sundering. Blizzard has said before that the Maelstrom is part of its future plans for World of Warcraft content, and WOW-watchers tip it as the most likely subject of the next expansion.

Eurogamer will be heading out to California for BlizzCon next month, so watch this space for more developments.