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Blizzard to ban some of Hearthstone's most popular cards from arena


Blizzard has announced plans to ban some of Hearthstone's most popular cards from the game's Arena mode.

Arena is all about constructing decks using a choice of random cards, but the most powerful and popular choices do seem to come up again and again.

Play against a Hunter and you'll know they are probably running a Beast-strat deck with Starving Buzzard. Timber Wolf will be in there too, and Snipe is always a good choice.

Blizzard wants to shake Arena up by banning more than 40 cards - including all of the above (thanks, Metabomb). No expansion is safe, and many Basic cards are among those being outlawed - these have existed in the game since its origins.

Druid loses its troublesome Poison Seeds card, which kills everything and replaces them with low-level replacements. Priest loses its cheap healing card Lightwell and cheap hero damage card Mind Blast. Warrior loses the useful combo of Charge and Warsong Commander. The only class not to be hit is Paladin.

It's not the first time Blizzard has banned cards from Hearthstone's arena, but it is the biggest shakeup the mode has ever seen. Previously, Blizzard has only axed one or two cards at a time and only after specific fan feedback (or cards which rely on specific other cards, such as those tied to the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion's C'Thun).

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