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Blizzard thinking about selling announcer packs for StarCraft 2

Hearthstone Innkeeper! Thrall! Snoop Dogg?

How would you like Snoop Dogg as the announcer for StarCraft 2? Would be a bit of an odd fit, wouldn't it?

But perhaps not that odd, because the rapper is on a list of possible announcers leaked as part of a Blizzard survey.

The survey popped up on Reddit, with screenshots on Imgur. It reveals that Blizzard is thinking of introducing a number of new purchasable items into its sci-fi real-time strategy game in the future, and asks for an opinion on each type.

Revealed are chat emoticons, unit skins and announcer packs for the multiplayer. Possible new announcers include Morgan Freeman, Raynor, Snoop Dogg and David Harbour, the latter of whom recently starred in Netflix hit Stranger Things.

Other potential new announcers include Blizzard developers such as David Kim and Dustin Browder, the Hearthstone Innkeeper and Thrall from Warcraft.

Dota 2 has sold announcer packs for some time now (you can get everything from Glados from Portal to Codsworth from Fallout 4 as the announcer for Valve's MOBA), but this is the first time we've heard of a similar thing for StarCraft 2. The survey suggests if they're added to the game, announcer packs will cost $3.99.

Blizzard has yet to comment officially on the leak, but it doesn't sound too perturbed, if this jokey comment from community manager Rackle is anything to go by.

BlizzCon is set for November. Perhaps we'll hear more then.

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