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Blizzard reveals fix for Overwatch thumbstick acceleration control

In theory, console aim is finally sorted.

A patch is coming to Overwatch that could change the experience considerably on console. Blizzard is finally doing something about thumbstick acceleration.

Overwatch is getting a new mode of control for thumbsticks. The old mode will still be there, so if you like it you can stick with it, but it will no longer be the default mode.

The new default mode will be Dual-Zone mode. Here is Blizzard's explanation of it:

"The vast majority of the thumbstick's range moves with reduced sensitivity and relatively high acceleration. However, when the thumbstick crosses to the outer 10 per cent of its range, it will move with high sensitivity and relatively low acceleration.

"This mode will allow for more precise aiming, while still allowing players to turn around quickly."

The old mode is known as the Exponential Ramp mode. For reference, here is Blizzard's explanation of it:

"As the thumbstick moves toward the outside of its range, the sensitivity is ramped up exponentially. The acceleration remains relatively high throughout."

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The Overwatch patch that introduces the new mode is on the PC Public Test Region now, which isn't much use to console gamers (who don't have a PTR). The patch notes say many of these changes "will also be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in a future patch", and given that this change is specifically for controllers, I imagine it will make the cut.

There's no ETA on the patch's arrival but Tuesdays - as in, tomorrow - are usually a safe bet.

With the new thumbstick acceleration mode, Blizzard will have addressed the major gripes players had with Overwatch console controls - the other being aim-assist. It's a good indication to the console community that Blizzard is listening.

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