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Blizzard outlines changes for infamous Overwatch hero Bastion


It's time; Blizzard is addressing Overwatch hero Bastion. Is there another character as infamous?

Broadly speaking, the changes being tested may make Bastion less of a hide-and-team-kill assassin, and more of mobile, sturdier and consistent turret.

The possible changes include removing headshots while in turret/sentry mode and increasing bullet spread, theoretically reducing his devastating damage at range. This would be balanced with unspecified increased survivability.

Healing/repairing on the move is another change being tested, although this would be resource-meter limited, as with D. Va's shield. Bastion's machine gun magazine capacity may be increased in walkabout mode too.

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Here are the changes in Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman's words, (spotted by Metabomb):

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