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Blizzard is "actively working" on Diablo 4 beta's queue times

"We are aware that some have experienced longer than expected wait times."

Blizzard has thanked players for their patience after some were left waiting in hour-long queues to participate in Diablo 4's open beta test this weekend.

In a statement posted to the game's official forum, the community team assured players that it was "actively working" on the issues, vowing to "increase the influx of players" and reduce queue times once numerous disconnection issues had been addressed.

Diablo 4 - Release Date Trailer.Watch on YouTube

In an update posted a few hours later, community manager PezRadar thanked everyone for the "overwhelming response to the Early Access beta weekend" and reaffirmed that the team was "tracking and actively working on" issues with drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, rubberbanding whilst transitioning zones, and high RAM and GPU usage. The team is also aware of a problem where "players that are dropped from a game receive an error that their party does not exist".

"While the team tackles these specific items and more, we are also managing the flow of players in-game via our queue," Pez added. "Many players have successfully logged in to the game, but we are aware that some have experienced longer than expected wait times.

"As we continue to rollout improvements to our server stability, we expect our players to see continued improvements to the queue time."

The statement closed by confirming that the team would "continue to work this evening and overnight" and promised to provide "additional updates" during the beta period.

ICYMI, Diablo 1 and 2 co-creator, Erich Schaefer, has joined Moon Beast Productions in order to "redefine the action-RPG genre".

Schaefer will take on the position of chief creative officer alongside industry stalwarts, Peter Hu and Phil Shenk, where he'll be "leading the creative direction" of the studio's unannounced action-RPG.