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Blizzard fixes Hearthstone glitch that gave your hero Taunt

Watch how it worked.

Yesterday, Hearthstone players discovered a card had gone wrong. Using a simple technique, you could give your hero character the ability to Taunt.

This morning, Blizzard has sprung into action and fixed it. But video evidence of the eye-opening exploit remains.

Taunt is an ability that forces your opponent to defeat a particular minion before attacking the hero, or any others.

Under all normal circumstances, it cannot be applied to a hero - doing so makes for a pretty ridiculous situation where you can't attack any minions at all before killing the hero, but killing the hero would then end the game.

Regardless, it was clear the offending card was not working as intended. Here's how the exploit operated:

First, play Druid legendary card Fandral Staghelm, which grants both effects on "Choose One" cards - which usually offer a pair of options to pick from.

Then, play the spell Dark Whispers, a Choose One card which grants a minion Taunt - but aim at your hero. And ta-da! You had a hero with taunt.

Sadly, as of six hours ago, the fun is over:

"We've implemented a hotfix that corrects an issue with the interaction between Dark Wispers and Fandral Staghelm," Blizzard wrote. "The Dark Wispers buff can now only be cast on minions as intended."

But here's how it looked in action before then:

Watch on YouTube

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