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Blizzard deploys hotfix to address Diablo 4's console "stability issues"

"Thanks again for your patience and understanding - we appreciate you all so much."

Lilith, the antagonist of Diablo 4, up close. She's a towering, horned, attractive lady. Here, she's the colour of skinless flesh. Eurgh.
Image credit: Picture: Blizzard Entertainment

As it grapples to stay on top of the connection issues that have plagued this weekend's Diablo 4 beta test, Blizzard says it has deployed a hotfix in a bid to "improve server stability issues".

The update – which is "targeted at fixing and improving the queue issues" – addresses a "new issue" related to some console players "unable to get through queues [...] since the early access launch".

Diablo 4 - Release Date Trailer.Watch on YouTube

"Here to share updates on the latest hotfix that was pushed earlier this evening," explained community manager, "filthierich". "The hotfix contains updates to improve server stability issues. We included an update that is targeted at fixing and improving the queue issues console players have reported on since the early access launch.

"We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to play, provide feedback and share your experiences with us. We will continue to share updates as we hear back from the team. Thanks again for your patience and understanding - we appreciate you all so much."

This update follows several messages Blizzard has shared during the beta period has thanked players for their patience after some were left waiting in hour-long queues to participate in Diablo 4's open beta test this weekend.

In a statement posted to the game's official forum, the community team assured players that it was "actively working" on the issues, vowing to "increase the influx of players" and reduce queue times once numerous disconnection issues had been addressed.