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Blizzard changes Overwatch "gg ez" messages into something very different

"Mommy says people my age shouldn't suck their thumbs."

Nobody likes a sore loser, but a sore winner is even worse. It's one thing to fail in a match of Overwatch, but it takes out all the good sportsmanship when your opponent messages you a mocking "gg ez" (lingo for "Good game. Easy", as in easily won).

That's why Blizzard has taken to filtering this phrase into very different messages in its latest public testing realm. Type in "gg ez" to everyone now and you'll end up telling your fellow players such delightful phrases as:

  • I feel very, very small... please hold me...
  • It's past my bedtime. Please don't tell my mommy.
  • I'm wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you for playing with me.
  • I'm trying to be a nicer person. It's hard, but I'm trying, guys.

To see these messages and more in action, our very own Johnny Chiodini took to unsuccessfully griefing people and coming across like a very insecure wee little lad.

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As Blizzard intended, these new messages are all less irritating to receive than "gg ez". If anything, they might be a little too endearing in their vulnerability.

Good game, Blizzard.

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