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Blizzard asks survey respondents if they're aware of plans to "squish" World of Warcraft's max cap

"How much would you like or dislike a reduction in total character levels?"

Blizzard has seemingly announced plans to "squish" World of Warcraft's level cap by way of a customer survey.

As shared via Imgur and Reddit (thanks, PCGN), a recent customer survey asked respondents if they were aware that the maxmium cap in WoW - currently locked at 120 - will be reduced.

One question asks if the reader is "aware that the maximum level of 120 will be reduced in the future", whilst another reads: "The 'Level Squish' will reduce the total number of levels required to access the most current game content. The new level cap will be dramatically lower than the current cap of 120. How much would you like or dislike a reduction in total character levels?"

Whilst the idea of deflation - or "squish" - of level caps has been tentatively floated before, it certainly hasn't been formally announced as yet, which is confusing some of the players who've been invited to complete the survey.

"It is a good thing [...] It is a smart move and to anyone who wants to experience a particular expansion there is always the EXP blocking item that anyone can use," said one commenter reflecting on the proposition, while another added: "I think it's a great idea if it's done with care and includes some other revamps to old systems".

"My concern is how this will affect the ability to solo old content," opined someone less keen on the idea, while another player suggested: "I will only be happy about the level squish if they are willing to expand on the zone scaling even further."

Blizzard has replied to requests for a statement with a "no comment" response.

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