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Blizzard announces WOW Authenticator

Keychain security device for the paranoid.

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Today's Blizzard news is that the company is to put an Authenticator device on sale to help keep World of Warcraft accounts secure.

Described as "lightweight and waterproof" - and attachable to a key chain - the Authenticator generates a unique six-digit security code at the press of a button. The code will only work with the account it's associated with, and will only work once. The code will be required at every login to the account, whether at the game client or the official website.

The Authenticator will go on sale for EUR 6 (GBP 4.75) at Blizzard's World Wide Invitational event in Paris this weekend. It will later be made available for purchase at Blizzard's online store at the same price, plus shipping.

It's intended to guard against the hacking and strip-mining of accounts that can and does happen, given that players' in-game currency and items have actual monetary worth - not to mention their worth in countless hours of dedicated play.

We're just about to pack our bags and leave for Paris for the Invitational, and we'll be bringing you news direct from the show floor tomorrow. The event kicks off with an opening ceremony at 11.45am (10.45 in the UK) at which we're almost certain to see a new game revealed, which is almost certain to be Diablo III. There will doubtless be new information on StarCraft II and WOW: Wrath of the Lich King as well. Keep your eyes on Eurogamer for the latest.

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