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Bizarre issues Blur MP beta patch

Fixes multitude of connectivity issues.

Bizarre Creations has issued a patch for the ongoing Blur multiplayer beta on Xbox Live, which fixes a bunch of performance issues and bugs.

The full changelog is on Bizarre's website, and includes efforts to reduce lag and disconnects, eliminate game lockups and "dirty disc" errors and speed up matchmaking.

Bizarre also notes that it will make changes to the full game after feedback on "wall riding and power-up shuffling". In other words, the developer will reduce the amount of speed you retain while grinding along the wall on the outside of a corner, and will change the order of power-ups in a race.

There's more detail on the latter in a forum post from Gareth Wilson at Bizarre last week.

Blur is Project Gotham Racing developer Bizarre Creations' attempt to rejuvenate the arcade racing genre, through a mixture of power-ups, social networking concepts and contemporary driving game brilliance.

It's due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 28th May, and the multiplayer beta is ongoing.

Check out the Eurogamer TV Show below for more on the game.

Eurogamer TV visits Liverpool to put Blur through its paces.