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Bit.Trip Flux release date confirmed

Gaijin Games wraps up WiiWare saga.

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Bit.Trip Flux, the final entry in Gaijin Games' epic WiiWare saga, arrives in Europe on 25th February, three days before the US.

Flux sees hero CommanderVideo go full circle and return to the Pong² gameplay of series opener, Bit.Trip Beat, after experimenting in myriad other genres during the franchise's five game run.

"Bit.Trip Flux represents CommanderVideo's homecoming," co-creator Alex Neuse explained. "It is a sublime trip through his subconscious and a deep exploration of what makes him who he is. It is an investigation of his rhythm, his flow, his vibe."

His last outing, Bit.Trip Fate, was a maniacal on-rails side-scrolling shmup that should have come with an aneurysm warning. Bruised and battered by the experience, Eurogamer's Kristan Reed awarded it 6/10.

"One day, Gaijin Games might make it possible for mortals to play its games," he wrote, "but until then Fate is one you're probably best off spectating rather than getting smashed up by."

If Neuse is to be believed, Flux could well be that title.

"Bit.Trip Flux is meant to be played and completed in one sitting," he explained.

"It has also been designed such that most players will be able to fulfill that goal. Bit.Trip Flux, while difficult, is not as punishing in its difficulty as the previous games in the series; yet reaching the new Meta Mode and staying there is quite a feat, so the challenge is there for experts.

To find out if you have what it takes you'll need to set aside 800 Wii Points. Take a look at the trailer below for a taste of the ordeal that awaits.

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