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BioWare revises, extends SWTOR free-game-time offer

Level 50-only restriction dropped after fan feedback.

BioWare has altered the 30 days free game time SWTOR promotion to include more people than those who have reached character level 50.

Now, all SWTOR players who have reached Legacy Level 6 qualify, and they have longer to do so.

You can reach Legacy Level 6 by having two characters levelled 45 and 42, for example. Or you can have three characters levelled 45, 32 and 32. Or you can have a bunch of characters levelled 35, 33, 31, 29 and 20.

They're delighted!

Or you can have a level 50 character who has participated in endgame content for "a brief time".

The decision to alter the 30 days free game time giveaway came after fan feedback. Many felt players with multiple high-levelled characters were just as loyal or devoted to the SWTOR universe as those with level 50 characters. BioWare's taken that on board.

BioWare's co-founder Greg Zeschuk explained: "We just released the innovative Legacy system as part of Game Update 1.2, and felt that looking at Legacy point progression across all of your characters was a great way to reward our most avid players.

"This means that any of the experience you earn with any of your characters brings you closer to the goal of Legacy Level 6."

All players have until 22nd April at 6pm BST to reach Legacy Level 6 or character level 50 and qualify for the 30 days free SWTOR game time.

The free time will be applied to your account by 25th April.

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