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BioShock gets limited edition

Petition forces 2K's hand.

Earlier this week the official BioShock site promised us a limited edition of the game if more than 5,000 of you signed a petition.

Well, more than 14,000 rose to challenge in just over five hours, earning us a snazzy collector's box for Xbox 360 and PC.

Now the official website's up to it again, and wants to know what you'd like to see in the limited edition. Simply pop over there and enter the poll to get your favourite bits and pieces included.

Earlier this month the same destination confirmed that BioShock would be arriving on European shelves on 24th August, on both Xbox 360 and PC, which made us run around like lunatics and bump into things.

We've also recently been treated to a couple of fancy new trailers for the game, both perfectly dark and disturbing. You can settle yourself in our EGTV cinema to have a butcher's at those.

BioShock is in development at Irrational Games, and tells the story of a city under the ocean, originally created by scientists to be the perfect civilisation. You'll stumble on this lost slice of art deco-inspired paradise after your plane crashes into the sea, and soon discover that things went horribly wrong.

It looks fantastic, and we recently sat down with Irrational boss Ken Levine for a little one-on-one. You can find out what he had to say in our BioShock interview, which is elsewhere on our knowledgeable hub of gaming.