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Binding of Isaac dev's Legend of Bum-bo gets free The Lost expansion

Out now, base game currently half-price.

Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen's poopy puzzle-based deck-builder The Legend of Bum-bo has just received a free expansion, introducing a raft of new content alongside some much needed fixes and quality of life improvements.

Although ostensibly a prequel to The Binding of Isaac, Bum-bo is a notably different proposition, building its randomised dungeon-crawling action around turn-based combat with a match-4-style puzzle system at its core.

Unfortunately, despite some solid design and eye-catching presentation, Bum-bo arrived in a bit of a state when it released in 2019, and plenty of issue still lingered when, shortly after release, McMillen went radio silent for almost a year.

Legend of Bum-bo - The Lost Expansion TrailerWatch on YouTube

The developer finally resurfaced last November with an apology and an explanation, promising fixes and free DLC were on the way - and both have now arrived with The Lost expansion.

As detailed in McMillen's latest Steam post, the update introduces new playable character The Lost, an associated new tile type, three new bosses, and 10+ unlockable items. You can also expect new achievements and bonus challenges, new audio, the ability to save and continue your progress mid-game, and various other improvements.

"I know it's been a long horrible year since this game released," McMillen writes, "and I hope this free update can act as a peace offering from us to you, the players!".

To celebrate today's release, The Legend of Bum-bo is currently half-price on Steam until 12th March and can be purchased for £5.69.