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Bethesda pushes The Elder Scrolls: Blades release date to 2019

It's touch and go.

In a brief change from the current furore over Fallout 76 (see: "bag-gate"), there's some slightly different Bethesda news regarding one of its other titles: the Elder Scrolls Blades, Bethesda's latest foray into the mobile market, is delayed to early 2019.

The mobile game was announced earlier this year at Bethesda's E3 presentation, and was due to release this autumn. This was apparently already later than Todd Howard would have liked, who said in an interview (via VGR) that he wanted the game to be released in a similar fashion to Fallout Shelter. In other words, immediately upon announcement at E3.

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When it eventually comes out, Blades looks like it could be a fun addition to The Elder Scrolls series - or at least keep us distracted until TES6 is released. If you hadn't already guessed, Blades is an RPG focused on touch-screen sword and spells combat. Some of its world will be procedurally generated, and it has three different game modes - one for dungeoning, another for arena battles, and a story mode.

Although principally a mobile title, it's also due to release on other platforms including PC, consoles and VR.