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Black Friday SD card deals 2023: best offers and discounts

Here's the best Black Friday deals for SD cards from SanDisk, Samsung and more.

Black Friday SD card deals 2023
Image credit: Jelly Deals, Samsung, SanDisk

It's 24th November which means it's Black Friday and a great time to bag yourself a storage upgrade for your Nintendo Switch console, Steam Deck, camera, or phone as micro SD cards are still on sale with low price tags. On this page, we're listing all the best Black Friday SD card deals from top manufacturers such as SanDisk, Samsung, and Integral, with sizes from as small as 64GB, right up to a massive 1TB.

Here are some great value SD cards that are on sale during Black Friday 2023:

Today's best Black Friday SD Card deals


Samsung 256GB Pro Plus MicroSDXC - £17.99 at Amazon (was £36.99)

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128GB SanDisk Ultra - £11.97 at Amazon (was £19.99)

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400GB SanDisk Ultra - £22.99 at Amazon (was £77)

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512GB SanDisk Ultra - £27.99 at Amazon (was £37.99)

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512GB Samsung Pro Plus - £38.14 at Amazon (was £73.99)

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512GB SanDisk Extreme - £38.30 at Amazon (was £40.95)

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Samsung Evo Select 512GB - £25.59 at Amazon (was £40.49)

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SanDisk 1TB Extreme microSDXC card - £95 at Amazon (was £150)

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128GB SanDisk Ultra - $13.20 at Amazon (was $25)

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400GB SanDisk Ultra - $48 at Amazon (was $70)

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512GB Samsung Evo Plus - $24.99 at Amazon (was $32.59)

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SanDisk 1TB microSDXC-Card Licensed for Nintendo-Switch - $99.99 at Amazon (was $149.99)

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Team Group 1TB microSDXC card - $51.99 at Newegg (was $99.99)

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PNY 1TB Pro Elite microSDXC card - $79.99 at Newegg (was $124.99)

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Black Friday 2023 deals for SD Cards

To give you an idea of how much more space you’ll want to buy for your Switch games, the must-have Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes up around 7GB of memory storage, while Metroid Dread uses about 4.5GB of storage. If you're only planning on playing two or three games at a time and fully completing them, a smaller card is probably all you need, but if you want lots of games ready to play at any time, then a larger card is more convenient.

Black Friday is still a great time to score one of the larger sized cards like a 400GB or 512GB microSD card. It'll be an even better deal if you can get one of the A2 cards for cheap, as it offers higher performance and faster transfer speeds than an A1 card.

If you're simply on the lookout for a larger storage size for the cheapest price, then it's great that Amazon are repeating this offer from the last year's Black Friday, where you could get a 400GB Sandisk Ultra microSD card for just £40.

Other Black Friday 2023 SD card deals

The official Nintendo Switch memory cards are usually a little pricier than but you can usually get them for cheaper over the Black Friday period. They are produced by SanDisk and come in sizes of 64, 128, 256, 512GB and 1TB- each comes in a different colour with a symbol on it from Nintendo games like Mario, Animal Crossing, and The Legend of Zelda.



That's all the Black Friday SD card information we have at the moment. Keep checking back here though as we'll update this page with the best SD card deals as they come through today. Following the Jelly Deals Twitter account is an even easier way to stay up-to-date on SD card deals and more.

Do SD cards go on sale over Black Friday 2023?

Yes! SD cards regularly go on sale throughout the year, but Black Friday should have the widest range of SD cards on sale and also offer the biggest discounts on some of the most popular SD cards around including those with larger storage.

Which SD card brands are the most reliable?

Most SD cards are reliable pieces of tech, but if you want complete piece of mind then it's best to go with the most popular SD card manufacturers. If you're looking for the most reliable SD card there is, it's best to buy a Samsung, SanDisk, or Integral card.

How cheap will SD cards be over Black Friday 2023?

That will depend on what size SD card you'll be getting, but you can expect to see a 64GB card for as low as £10/$10, while 1TB cards could be priced between £80/$80 to £90/$90.

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