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BBC Sport tweets about a disgruntled pro FIFA player, followers hate it

"Slow news day?"

BBC Sport's covering a FIFA tournament - and it's not going down well with its 5.39m followers on Twitter.

Oliver Chesses, one of the UK's best FIFA players.

A few Brits are taking part in the ongoing FIFA Interactive World Cup in New York. One of them, 21-year-old Oliver Chesses, from Manchester, gave an interview to BBC Sport in which he cast doubt on his future as a professional FIFA player.

In the interview, Chesses says the mediocre $20,000 prize pot for FIFA's biggest tournament makes the whole thing pretty pointless. He goes on to vow to quit if he fails to make the semi-finals.

"I've played this game competitively now for four years, and I'm getting to the point where I just can't deal with it any more," he says.

"The pot bonus is 20 grand. If you consider that doesn't pay off a third of my student loan, I'm just thinking to myself, what's the point?.

"If I make the semi-finals or if I make the final, then obviously that's a reason to continue. But anything less than that, then I am very happy to call it a day. Chasing a dream that isn't there isn't something I want to do. I need to get serious."

BBC Sport tweeted the interview, as you'd expect. It's fair to say followers responded negatively.

Here's a snippet:

Here's my favourite response, one I'm familiar with!

It was a similarly negative reaction when BBC Sport tweeted its soul-destroying interview with Frank Lampard, who talks about playing as himself in FIFA to promote the tournament.

Clearly, BBC Sport's Twitter followers aren't fans of the BBC Sport tweeting about FIFA - the video game, that is. Presumably they approve of BBC Sport tweeting about the actual real-life corrupt organisation currently fighting for its life.

As for Chesses, well, he got knocked out of the tournament in the group stage, which means he's probably done being a FIFA pro. Poor chap.

For those interested, the FIWC concludes this evening when the semi-finals kick off (it's live-streamed over at the FIFATV YouTube channel). Sean Allen is flying the flag for England. Good luck Sean!

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