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BBC is making a drama about the creation of Grand Theft Auto

But who should play the Housers?

The BBC is making a 90-minute live-action drama about the inception of Grand Theft Auto.

Games and tech journalist Guy Cocker called it "a 90-minute feature-length drama focussing on the people behind its creation."

The programme will be part of the BBC's Make it Digital initiative as an effort to generate interest in tech amongst youngsters.

"The UK is facing a significant skills shortage with 1.4m digital professionals needed over the next five years.," the Beeb noted in its announcement. "BBC Make it Digital will capture the spirit of the BBC Micro, which helped Britain get to grips with the first wave of personal computers in the 1980s, for the digital age. It will put digital creativity in the spotlight like never before, and help build the nation's digital skills, through an ambitious range of new programmes, partnerships and projects."

No release window is listed for the GTA origin drama, but we know it will be on BBC Two.

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