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Battlestations: Pacific gets release date

It's out over here in May.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Eidos has dated action-strategy title Battlestations: Pacific for 15th May in Europe and Australia, with the US getting it three days earlier.

The game puts players in charge of either the Imperial Japanese Navy or the US Navy's Pacific fleet in an attempt to rewrite the actions in the Pacific theatre in WWII. Over 100 controllable units are in-game, ranging from Zeros to U-boats, cruisers, Lightnings and angry tuna. Players can shift perspective from a comfortable leather armchair somewhere in high-command 200 miles behind the front line to be in the driving, gunnery and waving-hello seats of any of the individual war machines.

If Pacific rimming seems like your bag, why not click through to our Battlestations: Pacific gamepage to get the latest screens, videos and news. Battlestations: Pacific will be available on 360 and PC.

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