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Battlefield 3 patch addresses input lag and audio stability on PS3

Out this week.

DICE will this week release a patch for Battlefield 3 that should please PlayStation 3 owners.

The update, out on 27th November on consoles and no later than 4th December on PC, addresses input lag on PS3. “We now believe we have significantly improved this situation for all players,” DICE said.

Sticking with the PS3 version of the first-person shooter, the patch improves audio stability. “The audio dropouts reported by some PlayStation 3 gamers playing Battlefield 3 should now be fixed for the majority of players," DICE said.

Further tweaks have been made to weapon balance, with specific regard to recoil and accuracy. “The goal of these tweaks, and the overall goal in Battlefield 3, is to give each weapon a unique feel and competitive performance to other weapons of a similar type,” DICE said. To see the list ofchanges to the weapons head over to the Battlefield blog.

Weapon bug and collision fixes have also been implemented.

The Gunship has been rebalanced, too. “We have now removed the gunship FLIR view (the position is still available, just not the black/white view) and decreased the damage radius of cannon explosions,” DICE explained. “This was done because of balancing reasons. Previously it was too easy for the gunner to get visual contact on enemy soldiers on the maps, and the splash damage is reduced to make it harder to kill infantry from the cannon seat.”

The patch arrives just in time for the release of the Battlefield 3: Aftermath expansion for PlayStation 3 Premium members. The game will be down for maintenance on PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow, Tuesday 27th November from 9am to 10am UK time.