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Battlefield 2042's winter event starts today with Santas vs elves mode

Ho ho hold down the trigger.

It's December, which means it's time for live-service games to add festive events into their playlists, Battlefield 2042 included.

DICE has created a new game mode on Battlefield Portal for the holiday season.

"Attack of the Elves" is an infection-style game mode where a group of Santas stand their ground from a horde of Elves.

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Team Santa uses a Christmas-skinned LCMG while Team Elves get a Christmas lollipop melee weapon and a grappling hook.

Players also get treated to a free winter-themed player card and emblem (which admittedly isn't as cool as a frozen banana man).

Outside of the holiday theme, DICE also added a 64-player "1942 vs 2042 Conquest" mode in addition to the standard 64-player Conquest mode earlier this week.

Earlier this month, DICE received severe backlash following the accidental leak of a Santa skin that was designed to be used in special events. It appears Attack of the Elves is the first of these special events.