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Battlefield 2042's final update of the year is out now

With major improvements to hit registration.

DICE has released its final update this year for Battlefield 2042 (barring any critical issues), aimed at mopping up the last of the major gameplay problems which have marred the game since launch.

The key changes include improvements to hit registration consistency, the addition of a toggle to disable cross-play for Xbox Series X/S players, and fixing a rare bug where a player would be invisible to other players (which was quite handy if you wanted to earn the melee achievement).

The update also removes rooftop objectives from Breakthrough in the Kaleidoscope, Orbital, and Hourglass maps, where there were limited entry points, making it near impossible for attackers to... break through.

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There are also significant changes to weapon tuning, which you can read here, including reducing the number of frag and incendiary grenades players can carry from two to one.

This has been the fastest DICE has updated a Battlefield game in its history, as the developer seeks to compensate for the poor launch that was driven by an allegedly tumultuous development - as recently outlined by industry leaker Tom Henderson.

EA has since announced its biggest ever shakeup of the franchise, with plans to build a "connected Battlefield experience", spanning multiple titles and studios and Respawn's Vince Zampella taking on the role of Battlefield franchise boss.