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Battlefield 2042's 1.2 update brings first map improvements, character redesigns

Launches tomorrow on all platforms.

DICE has detailed its imminent 1.2 update for the beleaguered Battlefield 2042, which will, among other things, herald its first batch of planned map improvements based on the player feedback it requested earlier this year.

This initial round of improvements will target Battlefield 2042's Kaleidoscope map, and will - as previously detailed - focus on adjustments to cover, intensity, line of sight, pathing, and traversal. These have been achieved by adding new flag positions, by placing new areas and assets around the map, and by raising terrain.

DICE says terrain changes will "break sightlines and let infantry move more purposefully around the map", while new assets will "bring more tactical destruction", giving players new options as the environment evolves throughout a game.

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Similar adjustments will be made to other launch maps over time, with Renewal set to be Battlefield 2042's next map overhaul as part of Season 2, currently due to arrive in late August.

Elsewhere in Update 1.2, Specialists have seen an aesthetic rework to meet what DICE calls players' "style and tone expectations", with the stated aim being to better reflect the "intense situations they have experienced". And then the major feature additions conclude with a new Player Profile, which will keep track of in-game progress, performance, and stats.

Update 1.2 launches tomorrow, 2nd August, and full patch notes are available now.